Saturday, April 18, 2015





Protecting Open Space by Preserving Agriculture

Our Mission

The Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust protects Colorado's agricultural land, heritage and families
for future generations by conserving working rural landscapes.

Who We Are 

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) was formed in 1995 by the membership of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) to help Colorado’s ranchers and farmers protect their agricultural lands and encourage continuing agricultural production. CCA was the first state livestock association in the nation to form a land trust.

What We Do

More than 30 land trusts operate in Colorado and until CCALT’s founding none exclusively served the needs of the agricultural community. The land trust partners with willing landowners to protect productive agricultural acres all across the state.  We remain the only exclusively agricultural land trust in Colorado.  CCALT was created with the interests of the landowner in mind.  Our primary emphasis is to increase awareness among farmers and ranchers about the use of easements and other conservation opportunities. 

  Partnering With Landowners to
Preserve Our Agricultural Heritage

CCALT has had the honor to partner with hundreds of ranching families to protect Colorado's precious agricultural heritage and historical ranchlands.  We would like to thank all of those landowners and their families for their dedication and support.